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How can I contact a carrier/shipper after seeing an offer that interests me ?
All of the contacts from the carrier to the shipper or vice versa are made through MyTransportCompany. We will contact the company responsible for the offer and will be the intermediate in negotiating a contract in between the parties, which will be solely made between contracted parties; MyTransportCompany is no way part of the transaction.

Is there a fee that I must pay for using MyTransportCompany services ?
Only the carrier has to support a service fee which occurs when a deal is reached and depends on the contract volume. * The shipper however doesn’t incur any costs other then the service paid to the carrier. This fee is only to be paid by the carrier when the contract has been fulfilled and it has received payment from the shipper, as such carrier will only pay for MyTransportCompany’s services when it gains new contracts.

Do MyTransportCompany service’s only cover the European Union area ?
MyTransportCompany covers the whole European geographical area, as well as Northern Africa in its Marketplace.

Why the information that I input when registering, needs to be as precise and complete as possible ?
MyTransportCompany services aim at offering business opportunities and create synergies between carriers and shippers. For this to happen, trust, transparency and compliance are crucial to good business, thus MyTransportCompany needs clear and trustful information about its partners. Furthermore, when MyTransportCompany receives shipper’ offers from nonusers of the platform, shippers with the most complete register information will be prioritized over the others.

What is MyTransportCompany proposition ?
Shippers and carriers acknowledge that MyTransportCompany acts as a broker whose only role is to bring into contact shippers and carriers of liquid bulk freight. As such, MyTransportCompany works until the conclusion of a transaction between the shipper and the carrier who will have been put in relation thanks to her.

MyTransportCompany makes sure that the orders passed through MyTransportCompany’s services are properly carried through. Indeed, MyTransportCompany makes sure the clauses set out in the contract executed in fine between the shipper and the carrier are respected ; MyTransportCompany also helps you plan the logistic and makes sure the goods are successfully delivered.

Can MyTransportCompany be considered liable ?
MyTransportCompany is not a party to the transportation contract concluded between the shipper and the carrier. As such, the shipper and the carrier exempt MyTransportCompany of any responsibility in case of a dispute arising between them which has for object or for origin an offer of transportation, the contract itself or the execution of the contract.

MyTransportCompany exercises no control over the quality and the characteristics of the services involved.

MyTransportCompany’s responsibility will not be sought in case of sanitary or technical problems caused by the delivered product. To vindicate his rights, the buyer will have to bring an action directly against the seller.

What is the confidentiality policy that is implemented by MyTransportCompany’s services ?
The buyer, the seller and MyTransportCompany agree to keep strictly confidential the terms and conditions of the Sale Confirmation and not to reveal its content or its existence to any third party without having collected beforehand the written consent of the other Parties.

What happens if one wants to pursue further business with a selected partner ?
When two companies wish to engage in further business with one another, they have to do so through MyTransportCompany’s services, this, because all companies make a commitment not to enter a new transportation contract, without working with MyTransportCompany.

How does the commission fee works ?
In return of the bringing into contact of the carrier and the shipper, the carrier agrees to pay to MyTransportCompany a commission, the amount of which is specified tax excluded, in the Transportation Confirmation. This commission must be paid by the seller to MyTransportCompany within 20 days following the reception of the invoice, by check drawn in favor of MyTransportCompany, or by bank transfer (for which the bank account number will be communicated by MyTransportCompany to the seller).

What happens in case of a dispute with MyTransportCompany ?
In case of a dispute involving MyTransportCompany, the sole Commercial court of Paris will have jurisdiction. Before any judicial procedure, the Parties agree to try settling their dispute out of court by applying the rules set forth by the Federation of oils, seeds and fats associations limited, also called " FOSFA International ".

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