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liquid bulk freight entails all you need for your bulk liquid transport and brings together carriers and shippers to offer the best transport solution at best rates.


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Our platform regroups over 500 reliable European transport companies specialized in liquid bulk freight. Our online system identifies tank truck carriers by product specific criteria (e.g. GMP, Kosher, ADR, Animal fat CAT 1) and tanker requirements (e.g. pump, heating system, compressor...) and searches a computerized data file to find the best rate for your shipment.

Whether you offer or demand transport services, this dynamic platform entails a package of advantages for you and your business:



  • Lower costs and less inconvenience for shippers
  • Contact mediation - phone and email communication with partners offering transport services
  • Reliable Transportation
  • Regular update of firms and offers
  • Time saving in searching for suitable and cost effective transporter on your own
  • Fast communication


  • Reduction of empty miles for carriers
  • Lower costs in finding a shipper
  • Get the support from our brockers to find route and support during the freight negotiation, save time, and secure your payments
  • Consistency and regular updates about demands
  • Global overview on the commodities market
  • Information about demands and customers

MyTransportComany platform will help you optimize your routes and save costs for every load.


  • Broadcast your loads for free
  • Single point of contact to find cheapest providers
  • Comparison of freight and shipping quotes for your logistical needs


  • Broadcast your empty trucks for free
  • Find new customers with our brokers support
  • Sign up to become a recommended freight forwarder

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